I started sewing in 1997 when I graduated from high school. First it was a simple doll quilt for my American Doll’s bed. I then started making other quilts: when a friend had a baby, when I graduated from college, when my sister got married, when friends got married, and when I had my own children. Since having children, my sewing projects have changed into fun things that I can make for them.  Then for Christmas in 2014, Jason gave me an embroidery machine, and this has opened up a whole new world of fun projects I can do.

As I went to post pictures on my Facebook group page today, I realized I wanted a place to write down the steps I do when working through a project. While I could post 4 pictures all at once on Facebook, I wouldn’t be able to fully write down the steps I took. I have tried to use my group page to post tutorials and helpful hints when I sew. But sometimes these projects need a bit more description to them. So today I enter the world of blogging and writing down my tutorials for anyone else who sews and for myself so I have a place to look back on and find out how I did a specific technique!