I have shared my sewing room space since we moved to North Carolina. After Ethan was born, I moved my sewing room downstairs because the sound woke him up from his naps. My sewing room was next door to his. Downstairs it shared a space with my guests.

We recently moved Ethan’s bedroom, and his old bedroom became our guest room. The closet in there is huge so it gives us a lot of storage that we need.

Now my sewing room is in one room – my embroidery machine and cutting table were in our office! I bought a table from Ikea and painted it gray. Jason and I painted the room “peach“. Then we could move furniture in! My mom also brought me a heat press so I had to figure out where that went. It is on the desk that was originally my sewing desk.

I added some pictures to the room so far – all sewing inspired pictures. The cross stitch pieces my grandma did. The shelf above my embroidery machine came from my parent’s house, and it hold my special angel collection and other quilt like figurines.

I recently made a sewing mat to go under my machine! I will write a post for that soon! I am loving my sew space now!