With a new sewing room comes a new sewing table. I saw so many Pinterest links to the Ingo Table from Ikea and how it works well for sewing! So I ordered one and when it came unfinished I realized I should paint it. Well it’s so humid here that even though I let it sit for over a week after my 3 coats of paint, my big sewing machine stuck to the table. Ahhhh!

I started searching Pinterest yet again for sewing mat ideas. I saw this one, but I couldn’t find any pre-quilted fabric that I liked. I also saw this one and thought that’s more like it! But I didn’t want to add ribbon and I wanted something super simple.

I found two fabrics I liked and cut the following:

  • 31″ wide x 25″ tall: one from each fabric
  • 31″ wide x 21″ tall batting – I didn’t want the batting where the pocket was in the front. I thought it would be too bulky.

Place your main fabrics right sides together, and place your batting on top. Pin around the whole outside, leaving a gap on one side so you can turn it inside out.

Trim your corners at a 45 degree angle, and turn inside out. I then pressed all the seams and pinned the area that needed to be close. I did a finishing stitch around the whole entire mat. Then I flipped the bottom up 4″ and sewed the two sides closed. I created 5 pockets in this area, just by eyeballing it every 6″ or so. I wasn’t exact because I really think I will only use one of these pockets.


Sewing machine mat