A friend got in touch with me recently and asked if I could monogram the cuff of a pillowcase. This is the process I follow to figure out what design and what colors they want.

  1. I ask what initials they want and then do mock ups of all the different font options I have.crjcrj2
  2. Once my customer picks the option they like the best, we figure out color choices. She picked the circular monogram with the beading around it.colors
  3. Now we pick which color option she likes best. In this case, my customer went with yellow letters surrounded by white beading.

Once my customer dropped off the pillowcase, I had to get it ready to be monogrammed.

  1. You need to seam rip the cuff of the pillow. I like to do this so that you don’t see any of the stitches inside the pillow.
  2. Next find the middle of the cuff, and embroider it on your machine.IMG_20170613_152722869
  3. Pin the cuff back in place. IMG_20170613_153212367
  4. Sew the two seam lines again.IMG_20170613_154155506

Now enjoy your newly monogrammed pillowcase! As always let me know if you have any questions!