How did the idea for monogrammed carpool bag tags start? My kids ride the bus, and if I ever have to pick them up, I simply write their names on a piece of paper and drive through the carpool line.  When this school year started, a lot of Ethan’s friends were instead given a carpool number. They keep this special number all year, and once their number is called, they know to get up and go to their car. As we all know, not all kids are good at remembering numbers or maybe they get a little anxious with all this new stuff they have to learn. Ethan’s friend’s parents asked if I could come up with an idea to help their child out, and the idea for these bag tags started!

Now you can pick from a wide range of canvas colors: red, pink, yellow, navy, aqua, green, and orange!

They also work perfectly for your child to pick out which bookbag or even lunch box is theirs. This came in handy for Jacob when he left his lunchbox in the cafeteria on the second day of school! Luckily his tag was on the lunchbox so it was easier to find in the lost and found!

Come find them here and help your child feel more confident at school!


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